Each act can be tailored to create unique performances to suit your theme or event.

Perfect for corporate events, private parties, festivals, weddings, productions, shows, cabaret, clubs, dinner events, contemporary circus, traditional circus and big top events.


Aerial straps 

Unique aerial straps acts including a  combination of dance, aerial contortion and strength.

I am constantly exploring the technical challenges and movement variations of this new equipment- the aerial straps loops, a unique piece of equipment that allows for never seen before tricks!

Click the video links to see my 2nd year and 3rd year devised pieces performed at the National Centre for Circus Arts.


2nd year devised piece

In decay- a piece about decay and the beauty in imperfection

3rd Year Devised piece

Imprint- a piece about the lasting effects of death and grief


Dance trapeze and aerial silks

Stunning aerial silks and dance trapeze acts available with incrediable costumes.


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